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Lucy Hawkins at computer


I'm Lucy Hawkins, owner of Hawkins Accounting which operates from Rugby, Warwickshire. 

With over 18 years of extensive experience, I specialise in providing comprehensive support to small business start-ups as well as established multimillion-pound enterprises. My expertise lies in assisting clients with their bookkeeping, accounts, and taxation requirements.

My Story

As a dedicated member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), I've proudly held the esteemed title of Chartered Certified Accountant for more than 11 years.


Throughout this time, I've had extensive opportunities to oversee and support a diverse range of individuals and businesses, honing my expertise in the field.

I'm deeply passionate about assisting small businesses in their financial journey. My focus lies in providing dedicated accounting support, whether it's through services such as bookkeeping, management accounts, or handling various aspects of accounting and tax.

I firmly believe that fostering a strong relationship with your accountant is key, and no question should ever feel 'silly.' If you're not feeling supported by your current accountant, I encourage you to reach out.

Outside of my accounting business, I love exploring different regions of the UK with my family in our caravan. Additionally, my love for food often leads me to local food festivals, where I enthusiastically support and engage with local businesses!

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'Help you determine areas for growth by providing insight on cash flow patterns, pricing,
Barney the dog by Hawkins Accounting

Barney (our dog)

Alongside Lucy is Barney our dog! His main role will be sleeping, watching me, and waiting to see if it is snack time again. 


Unfortunately, his accounting and tax experience is very limited, but where he lacks knowledge he makes up for it in cuddles.

Currently in training to put all his toys back in the basket, and to ignore all muddy puddles!

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"I love supporting my clients through their accounting and tax journeys, advising them on the best tax opportunities and developing a fabulous relationship."


Let's connect and explore how we can provide the support and guidance you deserve for your financial needs.

07719 328 343

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